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Outro (feat. DJ Drama & Peewee Longway) - Delusions of Grandeur - Gucci Mane

Outro (feat. DJ Drama & Peewee Longway) (Download the song)

Delusions of Grandeur by Gucci Mane

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Wop (evil)
Evil Knevil, haha

Big boss status, it's the motherf*ckin' Wizzop (Wop)
It's lonely at the tizzop (yeah) so I took some off the tizzop (skrrt)
I'm shittin' on the industry, my enemies ain't rich as me (huh)
Your baby dad ain't half as me (nope), used to buy a half from me (pussy)
Started off at mountain peak (mountain), my homeboy comin' for a slap from me (huh)
Fistfight at the skating rink (yeah), know he would throw the first jab for me (bah)
Found out he a snitch (damn), hurt my heart, he can't hang with me (wow)
Boy, you a bitch, f*ck all that shit, you ain't gang to me (why?)
Low down dirty piece of shit, you ain't gang to me (nope)
I'm a stand-up nigga, you sittin' pissin', not the same as me (damn)
'Terrigation room, shoulda thought, "What would Gucci do?" (Gucci)
I'd rather rot in my cell wearin' shower shoes (damn)
F*ck the police, that's my thoughts, I make power moves
How you turned state on your boys? That's a coward move (damn)
12-gauge hit you and your boy, it's so powerful
Knocked his head off like a toy, it's so powerful (damn)

What would Gucci do? Yeah
Stand up like a man? That's what Gucci do
Turn snake, be a snitch? That's what a coward does
Million dollar watch? That's what Gucci do
Be a bitch? That's what a coward do
Man, it's a couple trap niggas still left, man
Zay, Gucci

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