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  • Use the Radio button () to discover new music
  • On a song's page, you can use various instruments and practise remixing
What is FzMusic?

Music has been with us since prehistoric times. Indeed, even before mankind had learned writing or speaking, people were getting inspired and imitating the natural sounds of nature.
Most music nowadays is just heard or consumed which is fine as a first step, but the experience would be much more gratifying if listeners could participate in it, fiddle with it, add to it, modify it, all in an easy and intuitive way. FzMusic aims to bring to users such a platform.

How will the platform evolve over time?

Currently the website is still in Beta mode. Based on the experiences and feedback of early users, the platform will go through further development. You can already remix with different sounds on a song's play page. Personalized playlists and music recommendations is next on the feature development list.

How can I contribute?

The best way you can help is by providing feedback. Things you like about the platform, things you don't like, feature suggestions, etc.
You can communicate with developers using the Contact form.

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