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Run DMC  


Playlist (The Very Best Of Run DMC) (2009)

Live At Montreux 2001 (2007)

Collections (2006)

Ultimate Run DMC (2003)

Greatest Hits (2002)

High Profile: The Original Rhymes (2002)

Its Over (12" VLS) (2001)

Crown Royal (2001)

It's Like That (Maxi-CD) (1997)

Can I Get It, Yo (CDS) (1994)

Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do (CDS) (1993)

Down With The King (1993)

Greatest Hits 1983-1991 (1991)

Back From Hell (1990)

Tougher Than Leather (Deluxe Edition) (1988)

You Be Illin' (VLS) (1986)

Walk This Way/My Adidas (CDS) (1986)

Walk This Way (VLS) (1986)

Raising Hell (Deluxe Edition) (1986)

King Of Rock (Deluxe Edition) (1985)

The First Album (Deluxe Edition) (1984)


Let's Get Married (Remarquable Remix Feat. Run Of Run DMC)
(The Hits)
(Jagged Edge)

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