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KoЯn; Korn  

KoЯn; Korn

Cold (EP) (2019)

The Nothing (2019)

The Serenity of Suffering (Deluxe) (2016)

A Different World (feat. Corey Talyor) (2016)

The Paradigm Shift (2013)

Untitled (2007)

See You On The Other Side (2005)

Take A Look In The Mirror (2003)

Untouchables (2002)

Issues (1999)

Follow the Leader (1998)

Life Is Peachy (1996)

Life Is Peach (MOVLP066 Vinyl) (1996)

KoRn (1994)


Whatever Goes Up (feat. Jonathan Davis of KORN)
(New Waves (Bonus Track Edition))
(Bone Thugs)

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